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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »

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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »


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Heureka's Our Journey in Space exhibition

Thursday 2/15/24, time 11:14 PM

I was invited to the opening of Heureka's new exhibition on February 9, 2024. The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Science and Culture Sari Multala. The exhibition contains a lot of information about space, and in the exhibition you can e.g. try out how to repair the space station. An interesting and well-made exhibition.

I recommend!

More information-> Heureka

In the photo, Sari Multala opens the exhibition.


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Galactic 06 was a successful space flight

Saturday 1/27/24, time 11:59 AM

Yesterday, 26.01.2024, was the first flight of this year, Galactic 06.

All went well.

On the flight were:

Lina Borozdina, the first Ukrainian woman in space
Robie Vaughn, American
Franz Haider, Austrian
Neil Kornswiet, American

Since 2011, I have been attending various Virgin Galactic meetings. I met Lina there and she is my astronaut friend. He put a lot of pictures and videos on Facebook. Now I have a pretty clear idea of what happens before and after the flight. Lina had several friends on site, at Spaceport America, watching the flight. There were a lot of happy and smiling people in the pictures and videos. Lina waited for her flight for 19 years, I've been waiting for my flight for 14 years now. Yes, the flight will come from there!

Introducing Lina -> Virgin Galactic

Video of the flight->

All countries are shown on the flight's sleeve badge:


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Galactic 06 on Friday

Monday 1/22/24

The next flight, Galactic 06, will take place on Friday 26 January 2026.

My Virgin Galactic friend is also on this flight. He has told about his flight on his own Facebook. When Virgin Galactic announces new flights, they no longer announce the names of the astronauts, only their nationalities.

I expect to see my friend's personal photos of the preparation, the flight itself and the post-flight party on Facebook next week.

More info -> Virgin Galactic

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What happened in 2023 and what do I expect from 2024?

Monday 1/1/24

What happened in 2023:

Virgin Galactic (VG) started commercial space flights in June, the first flight was called Galactic 01. Five flights were made and all of them were successful. In 2005, when space flights went on sale, it was estimated that the flights would start in 2008. So there has been a slight delay, but now the flights are finally underway.

What do I expect from 2024:

Virgin Galactic continues its space flights. The Galactic 06 flight will take place in January 2024. There will be more flights, probably once a month. My flight number is probably 35, so in 2024 I won't be flying into space yet.

More information-> Virgin Galactic

CanSat 2024 event in spring in Vaasa. I am now going there for the third time with the Finnish Space Research Society. In Vaasa, we will shoot rockets to a height of 500 – 1000 meters, and the payload is of various measuring devices.

More information-> Esero

I'll do some more tuning for the Rocket-Uno. It is getting a new roof.

Happy New Year!


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New Delta rockets coming

Monday 12/18/23, time 8:54 PM

Virgin Galactic made 5 space flights between June and November 2023. The flights were made with the VSS Unity rocket, which was built 2016. Now there will be a short break in the flights and they are scheduled to continue in January. VSS Unity can make a flight in a month and take four passengers into space at once. Currently, Galactic 06 flight in January and Galactic 07 flight in April 2024 are planned. That means in 2024, about 30-40 people would get into space if the flights continue as in 2023. This pace is too slow. There are probably 800 ticket buyers in the queue, so at this rate it would take almost 20 years to clear the queue.

That's why Virgin Galactica has been planning a new Delta-class rocket for a few years now. These rockets are improved versions of previous rockets. Deltas can be flown once a week and they take six passengers into space at once. Construction of the Deltas has started in 2023 and they are expected to fly into space in 2025. So my rocket will be a Delta-class rocket. It's a little early to say when it's my turn to fly into space. It could be 2026 and the flight number should be Galactic 35.

Delta announcement from 2022

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Galactic 05 was a successful space flight

Thursday 11/2/23, time 10:47 PM

Today was a new flight, 05. Everything went well.

Video of the flight -> Youtube.

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Galactic 04 was a successful flight

Saturday 10/7/23, time 8:37 PM

Yesterday was flight Galactic 04. The flight was successful. Virgin has made 5 flights in 5 months. My friend Ron Rosano was on the flight. Ron has his own website:

More information on Virgin Galactic ->News

Picture from the flight. Image by Virgin Galactic.


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Huomenta Suomi (morning television in Finland)

Wednesday 9/20/23, time 9:35 PM

I was a guest of Huomenta Suomi -program today. The theme of the program was: "Vacation with a rocket? This is space tourism now and in the future.". The host of the program was Ivan Puopolo. Another guest was Annette Toivonen, who has studied space tourism, and I am going to space as a tourist. We had a really nice conversation.

Interview link-> Good morning Finland

Picture from the interview


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The Galactic 04 flight is coming in early October

Monday 9/18/23, time 10:03 PM

The next flight is coming on 05.10.2023. Now Virgin Galactic makes a flight a month. Ron Rosano is on this flight. I have met Ron a few times and he has also been to Finland. On the trip to Finland, he wanted to see my Raketti-Uno. Ron is a long-time space junkie, a bit like me. Great that Ron is among the first!

More information-> Virgin Galactic

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Galactic 03 was a successful flight

Friday 9/8/23, time 10:39 PM

Today was Galactic 03. Ken Baxter who was on the flight, is nearly a good friend. He's my Facebook friend. However, Ken has more than 4000 Facebook friends.

More information

-> Virgin Galactic


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Galactic 03 flight coming in early September

Monday 8/28/23, time 9:51 PM

The Galactic 03 launch window starts on 09.08.2023. This is Virgin Galactica's fourth space flight this year. These Virgin Galactic astronauts bought their tickets in 2005, so their wait will be over now. The ticket cost $200,000 at the time. If I wanted to, I could now go to watch the flight. I got an invitation for it from Virgin Galactic.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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Galactic 02 was a successful space flight

Thursday 8/10/23, time 10:39 PM

Galactic 02 flew to 88 kilometers and everything went well. Now there have been several of these flights and it looks good. I expect 4-5 more flights before the end of the year.

Attached is a video of the flight and another video of the press conference. The video from the press conference was interesting! The first mother and daughter in space, the first Olympic champion in space! A year from now, there will also be the first Finn in space.

Youtube -> Galactic 02 flight

Youtube -> Galactic 02 press conference

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Galactic 02 flight on Thursday 18:00 (Finland time)

Tuesday 8/8/23, time 3:37 PM

On the Galactic 02 flight, Jon Goodwin, Keisha Schahaff and Anastatia Mayers fly into space. You can follow the flight on e.g. the Virgin Galactic  website.

More information about the flight -> Virgin Galactic

Picture Virgin Galactic


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Galactic 02 is coming in August

Sunday 7/16/23, time 7:33 AM

Virgin Galactic is now starting regular flights. The Galactic 02 launch window begins on August 10, 2023. This is Virgin Galactica's third space flight this year. My flight can be Galactic 35. There will be live tracking of the flight again. This time, it would be nice to hear what the pilots and passengers are discussing.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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Galactic 01 was a successful space flight

Thursday 6/29/23, time 10:32 PM

Galactic 01 flew to 85 kilometers and everything went well. Here it begins. I'll be in that rocket after some time and I might be waving the Finnish flag.

More info> Virgin Galactic

Picture Virgin Galactic


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Galactic 01 flight, 29 June 2023

Monday 6/26/23, time 11:04 PM

Now it's finally public. This flight is the first commercial flight. This is where it starts, I've been waiting for this news for 10 years.

News -> Virgin Galactic

The flight crew in the picture. Picture Virgin Galactic.


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Virgin Galactic announcement about the start of flights

Friday 6/16/23, time 1:38 PM

Virgin Galactic announced today the start of commercial space flights.

Virgin Galactic 01 is at the end of June and Virgin Galactic 02 is in August. After that, Virgin Galactic will fly every month. Later there will be flights weekly.

Link ->Virgin Galactic announcement

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Unity 25 visited space

Thursday 5/25/23, time 9:38 PM

Unity 25 made a planned space flight. Everything went well, the rocket went to  87 kilometers (54.2 miles). It had already been two years since the last flight. Now everything looks good and new flights are coming.

More imformation-> Virgin Galactic

Video from the flight -> Youtube


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Virgin Galactic will return to space 25.05.2023

Thursday 5/18/23, time 10:46 PM

Now it's confirmed. The date of the flight is 25.05.2023.

More information-> Virgin Galactic


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Virgin Galactic is returning to space after a two-year hiatus

Tuesday 5/9/23, time 10:36 PM

It has been almost 2 years since Branson flew into space in the summer of 2019. Since then, there has been a wait for commercial flights to begin. Now Virgin Galactic is returning to space with a four person. This flight will take place by the end of May. If it succeeds, commercial flights will start at the end of June. And my flight can actually happen within a year.

More info -> CNN

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