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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

The Finnish Astronaut (Suomalainen Astronautti) T- shirtFruit of The Loom Ringer t-shirt. Material is 100%`bomull. In the front is  theRead more »

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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

The Finnish Astronaut (Suomalainen Astronautti) T- shirtFruit of The Loom Ringer t-shirt. Material is 100%`bomull. In the front is  theRead more »


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New flight coming, Unity 23

Saturday 9/11/21 time 2:59 PM

Virgin Galactic is preparing for the next flight, Unity 23. Three people from Virgin Galactica and three people from the Italian Air Force will take part in the flight. The flight is expected to take place in a few weeks.

More information ->

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Virgin Galactic reopened ticket sales for $ 450,000

Tuesday 8/10/21 time 3:21 PM

A few days ago, Virgin Galactic reopened ticket sales. Between 2005 and 2013, the ticket price was $ 200,000 and then $ 250,000. After the 2014 accident, ticket sales were on break. Finally, the price for new customers is known: $ 450,000. If the price had been $ 450,000 in 2010 I wouldn’t have purchased a ticket.

Learn more->

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Congratulations Jeff Bezos, you got into space too!

Tuesday 7/20/21 time 4:48 PM

The New Shepard rocket successfully launched into space and returned safely to Earth.

Congratulations Jeff! Now you and Richard are in the same club!

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Interviews with YLE TV1 (Television) and Radio Suomi

Tuesday 7/20/21

Branson space flight 11.07. and the upcoming Besoz space flight 20.07. has spawned a lot of attention. As a result, I have two interviews today:

YLE TV1 morning TV at 08:50. I am interviewed by Mikko Haapanen.

Radio Suomi at 10:30. I will be interviewed by Carolus Manninen and Mika Saarelainen.

Pictures from the interviews, the interviews went well.



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The space flight was a success!

Sunday 7/11/21 time 6:34 PM

Richard Branson flew into space today! Great! Finally! Now the countdown of my own flight begins!

More information:

The whole flight: WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Spaceflight Livestream

The best of the flight: Watch Virgin Galactic launch Richard Branson to space (first zero G!)

Picture from the flight, Richard Branson in space. Picture Virgin Galactic


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Spaceflight from Spaceport America today

Sunday 7/11/21

Flight into space takes place today

Sir Richard Branson is flying into space today from Spaceport America, located in the state of New Mexico, USA. This flight is, in my opinion, the third most significant spaceflight in history, and it will be broadcasted live on many different media. Naturally, the weather or unexpected technical problems can still postpone the flight. The rocket is the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, called VSS Unity. I will probably fly the very same rocket into space within one or two years.

Rocket crew "Unity 22"

The flight will carry two Virgin Galactic pilots and three other Virgin Galactic employees in addition to Branson. I have met two of them: Dave Mackay and Beth Moses. I chatted with them during my journey, Apollo for 50 years, in 2019. I have also exchanged a few words with Sir Branson himself. I am really glad for him that this flight is finally taking place. He has been talking about it for years. Since 2004, Branson has constantly been asked, “When?”. Spaceport America is sure to have a big party after the flight! I would have been happy to witness this historic flight. I do have an invitation to Spaceport America, but the COVID-19 restrictions by the USA prevented my trip there.

Two significant spaceflights in the history

The most significant space flight took place on April 12, 1961, when Yuri Gagarin flew into space and orbited the earth in less than two hours. The leader of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev, had prepared two speeches on Yuri's flight: Congratulations on his success, and the speech to The dead astronaut hero. This flight surprised and changed the world permanently, especially it had an impact on the United States.

As a result, the United States launched a massive lunar program that led to another major space flight: Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon on July 21, 1969, and uttered his famous words on a live television broadcast.
" That's one small step for [a] man, one Giant leap for mankind”
Neil's own estimation of the chance of a successful landing on the moon was 50%. Since then, shuttles have flown into space and the International Space Station has been built. Countless number of satellites have been fired into space, and much more has been done. But ordinary people have not had access to space. The risks and costs have been too severe.

Ordinary people into space

In the 1960s, it was widely believed that technological advances were so rapid that in the 1980s ordinary people would make space flights. Even Yuri Gagarin in his book predicted this to happen. However, this has not yet happened. Over the decades, there have been numerous projects that have had the same goal: sending ordinary people into space. However, they have all failed and forgotten. Today, Virgin Galactic is entering a new era in space conquest. If and when the flight is successful, Virgin Galactic has teken the risks and costs under control. I am proud to have been committed to the Virgin Galactic for 11 years.

After the flight

Richard Branson has said that after the flight he will share some great news. He thinks space belongs to all of us. What could he say? I think he is a kind-hearted businessman who, where possible, brings good things to everyone.
My guess is that he could say, for example:
-that going into space was a such an unbelievable experience and it will change his thinking for good
-when regular flights will start - I am one of those with a booking and I look forward to hearing when my flight will
-what are the flight prices for new clients
-that flight prices will drop, and in 2031 one can get a spaceflight ticket for $ 50,000
-that there will be free seats for students and researchers on future flights
-that in the future there will be Virgin hotels in orbit and on the moon
-some funny thing about what happened on the flight

Further information:

The flight takes place in the morning in New Mexico, when it is here in Finland. There is a live broadcast on Virgin Galactic website. Also worth following Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the keyword “Unity 22” , which is the name of this flight.

Yuri Gagarin, picture ESA European Space Agency


Neil Armstrong, picture ESA European Space Agency


Virgin Galactic Unity 22 crew, picture Virgin Galactic

From left to right:

Dave Mackay, Colin Bennett, Beth Moses, Richard Branson, Sirisha Bandla ja Michael Masucci.


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Richard Branson will fly into space on July 11, 2021

Friday 7/2/21 time 1:09 PM

It has finally been made public. The date of the first commercial flight was announced today. It is 11.07.2021. The flight takes place from Spaceport America, New Mexico and there are 2 pilots and 4 passengers. Richard Branson is one of them. My own space flight will also happen from the same place.

I have an invitation to go on the spot to watch the flight, this imformation came late for me. I should  fly to El Paso, Texas, the travel time will easily be 24 hours and the time zone difference is big. Maybe I’m there virtually, because this flight is going to be watched live in many different media that day.

Virgin Galactica's competitors, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, is doing also a similar flight on July 20, 2021. Bezos released the news yesterday and Branson today.

I wonder if the boys are betting on which one will be first? And the winner gets a beer? In the 1960s, there was also competition between the super powers on space flights, whichever comes first. Today, rich boys compete for space flights with each other.

Introduction to Virgin Galactic pilots and passengers -> Youtube

Blue Origin News -> CNN

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Virgin Galactic was allowed to start commercial flights

Friday 6/25/21 time 8:42 PM

Today, Virgin Galactic received official permission to send its customers into space from the U.S. authorities, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Richard Branson can therefore fly into space even on his birthday 18.07.2021.

More information-> Virgin Galctic

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VSS Unity made a test flight into space

Sunday 5/23/21 time 10:38 AM

My rocket, VSS Unity, made a successful test flight into space from Spaceport America on May 22, 2021. Two pilots of Virgin Galactica and NASA research equipment were at the flight. The rocket flew to an altitude of 55 miles which is about 89 kilometers. In the near future there should be 3 more flights in space.

Virgin Galactic release -> link

Youtube video 3 min -> link

Picture from the flight (picture Virgin Galactic)


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A new test flight is coming, VSS Unity is back in space

Thursday 5/20/21 time 9:44 PM

I woke up Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. to a Virgin Galactica Zoom meeting. It went through the space of the project and featured Virgin Galatica staff from the United States.

The plan is to do four space flights this year. The first (VG bulletin below) involves pilots and NASA research payloads. The second flight involves pilots and four VG employees. In the third, Sir Richard Branson, flies to the space. He wants to test himself what an experience space flight is like. The exact content of the fourth flight has not yet been announced. If all goes well, then commercial flights will begin in early 2022.

Virgin Galactic release -> link

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New rocket, VSS Imagine, and status of the project

Wednesday 3/31/21 time 8:47 AM

Yesterday, March 31, 2021, Virgin Galactic held a remote meeting with us to introduce the new rocket, VSS Imagine. The rocket is an improved version of the previous rockets (VSS Enterprise and VSS Unity). It is faster to build, easier to maintain, lighter, shiny and stronger. VSS Imagine will start testing in the summer. Rickard Branson described the appearance of the new rocket as “Sexy Beast”.

In the remote meeting there were Virgin Galactica staff and Richard Branson. A few Virgin Galactic customers were allowed to ask questions about the new rocket. It nice to see and hear familiar faces in the remote meeting.

The meeting also reviewed the situation of the project. VSS Unity will make a test flight into space in May and Richard Branson is scheduled to go into space in this summer. After that, a few more test flights will be done before the actual commercial flights begin in early 2022. If VSS Unity and VSS Image are both in use in 2022, then my flight might take place in late 2022. At some point next year I will probably know who I am flying with. Are there any formula or movie stars on my flight? I would be happy to fly with Tom Hanks because he was actor in Apollo 13 -movie.

Virgin Galactic has taken a break from ticket sales. In the beginning, the ticket cost $ 200,000 and later its price went up to $ 250,000. When ticket sales will start again, the price will probably be higher than $ 250,000. So, when I paid $ 200,000 for my ticket in 2010, it was a good price.

More information:

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic


Picture Virgin Galacic: VSS Unity


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Virgin Galactic continues test flights

Wednesday 2/3/21 time 1:29 PM

Virgin Galactic announced that test flights will continue after February 13, 2021. Flights are operated from New Mexico, Spaceport America. The previous test flight was 12.12.2020. The test flight will be crewed by two pilots and will carry research payloads as part of the NASA Flight Opportunities program. The rocket can carry people or equipment into space.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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Richard Branson's mother, Eve Branson, dies from COVID-19

Thursday 1/14/21 time 10:43 AM

Eve Branson has died on January 11, 2020 from COVID-19 aged 96. I met him once in 2011 in New Mexico while I was visiting Spaceport America. I remember her as an energetic and lovely lady. Richard Branson named the mothership to be VMS Eve after his mother.

Richard Branson's memoir about his mother.. -> Virgin


In the picture: VMS Eve and Eve Branson (picture Virgin Galactic)

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What happened in 2020 and what do I expect from the year 2021?

Thursday 12/31/20

Significant events in 2020 were:

Virgin Galactic

The VG meeting in London in February 2020 was a nice event. I met VG staff and other VG customers. In London, I saw my spacesuit, which I will get for myself after the flight. I also visited Virgin Galactica’s London office. Blogs.

Virgin Galactic made test flights from Spaceport America for the first time in May 2020 and a second in June 2020. That was a good thing.

The rocket cabin was introduced in July 2020. I will fly in style into space. Blogs.

In November 2020, I was virtually in space thanks to Virgin Galactica and I did a virtual spacewalk at an altitude of 100 km. Blogs.

Virgin Galactica had a plan to make a test flight into space later this year, but it did not happen. COVID-19 has made things more difficult in New Mexico.

Own projects

Rocket-Uno's tuning has continued. The latest version of Rocket-Uno has a total of 5 rockets: 3 on the roof and 2 in the front of the car. However, with this version of the Rocket-Uno I drive occasionally.
I've taken care of health. I cannot get myself in bad shape because the flight is now closer than ever.

What do I expect from 2021:

I am 95% sure that the VG finally makes its first commercial space flight in 2021. My turn to fly to space comes after one year of the first flight.

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The next test flight will happen soon

Friday 12/11/20 time 10:02 PM

The next test flight will happen very soon from New Mexico.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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COVID-19 postpones the next spaceflight

Tuesday 11/17/20 time 8:50 AM

The state of New Mexico has introduced new restrictions due to COVID-19. The space flight will happen when it is safe. Yes, that flight will come a little later:)

For more information: ->

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The next space flight in 6-10 days

Friday 11/13/20 time 1:23 PM

Virgin Galactic will make its first spaceflight from Spaceport America in 6-10 days. That flight will certainly be followed by new flights to get Sir Richard Branson into space from early 2021. And my turn to go to the space is a year from Branson’s flight. Now I don't have to wait another 10 years!

More info-> Business Insider

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I was virtually in space!

Monday 11/2/20 time 12:20 PM

Virgin Galactic borrowed me a virtual reality series (VR) in October 2020. It was a very nice experience to see all the phases of my space flight. The best thing was when I was 100 miles high on my rocket. I was able to look out of all 17 windows, talk to my pilots (though they didn’t answer me) and be able to get out of the rocket without a spacesuit. This virtual space walk was a pretty scary experience. At an altitude of 100 kilometers, by the way, there are quite spectacular views!

In the linked video I am virtually in space. It’s hard to explain what VR is, you should try it yourself. VR is much better than various videos and pictures from space. Here is a link to the YouTube video-> youtube

In the picture I am in space.

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The next test flight is planned to happen in October

Sunday 9/20/20 time 7:21 PM

Virgin Galactic is planning to make the next test flight in October. If all goes well, then Sir Richard Branson himself will fly space in early 2021. I have been waiting for this years, now it is finally happening! My turn would be then in 2022.

Link -> cnbc news

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Welcome home SpaceX astronauts!

Sunday 8/2/20 time 10:08 PM

The SpaceX capsule landed as planned to the sea near Florida. In the capsule there were two NASA astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who were sent into space on May 30, 2020. So their trip lasted a little over 2 months. This flight was a success, so now the United States can send astronauts to the space with their own rocket. Elo Musk will probably have a small party due to this successful flight. It would be nice to be at those parties!

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