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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »

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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »


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VSS Unity made a test flight into space

Sunday 5/23/21 time 10:38 AM

My rocket, VSS Unity, made a successful test flight into space from Spaceport America on May 22, 2021. Two pilots of Virgin Galactica and NASA research equipment were at the flight. The rocket flew to an altitude of 55 miles which is about 89 kilometers. In the near future there should be 3 more flights in space.

Virgin Galactic release -> link

Youtube video 3 min -> link

Picture from the flight (picture Virgin Galactic)


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A new test flight is coming, VSS Unity is back in space

Thursday 5/20/21 time 9:44 PM

I woke up Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. to a Virgin Galactica Zoom meeting. It went through the space of the project and featured Virgin Galatica staff from the United States.

The plan is to do four space flights this year. The first (VG bulletin below) involves pilots and NASA research payloads. The second flight involves pilots and four VG employees. In the third, Sir Richard Branson, flies to the space. He wants to test himself what an experience space flight is like. The exact content of the fourth flight has not yet been announced. If all goes well, then commercial flights will begin in early 2022.

Virgin Galactic release -> link

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New rocket, VSS Imagine, and status of the project

Wednesday 3/31/21 time 8:47 AM

Yesterday, March 31, 2021, Virgin Galactic held a remote meeting with us to introduce the new rocket, VSS Imagine. The rocket is an improved version of the previous rockets (VSS Enterprise and VSS Unity). It is faster to build, easier to maintain, lighter, shiny and stronger. VSS Imagine will start testing in the summer. Rickard Branson described the appearance of the new rocket as “Sexy Beast”.

In the remote meeting there were Virgin Galactica staff and Richard Branson. A few Virgin Galactic customers were allowed to ask questions about the new rocket. It nice to see and hear familiar faces in the remote meeting.

The meeting also reviewed the situation of the project. VSS Unity will make a test flight into space in May and Richard Branson is scheduled to go into space in this summer. After that, a few more test flights will be done before the actual commercial flights begin in early 2022. If VSS Unity and VSS Image are both in use in 2022, then my flight might take place in late 2022. At some point next year I will probably know who I am flying with. Are there any formula or movie stars on my flight? I would be happy to fly with Tom Hanks because he was actor in Apollo 13 -movie.

Virgin Galactic has taken a break from ticket sales. In the beginning, the ticket cost $ 200,000 and later its price went up to $ 250,000. When ticket sales will start again, the price will probably be higher than $ 250,000. So, when I paid $ 200,000 for my ticket in 2010, it was a good price.

More information:

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic


Picture Virgin Galacic: VSS Unity


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Virgin Galactic continues test flights

Wednesday 2/3/21 time 1:29 PM

Virgin Galactic announced that test flights will continue after February 13, 2021. Flights are operated from New Mexico, Spaceport America. The previous test flight was 12.12.2020. The test flight will be crewed by two pilots and will carry research payloads as part of the NASA Flight Opportunities program. The rocket can carry people or equipment into space.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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Richard Branson's mother, Eve Branson, dies from COVID-19

Thursday 1/14/21 time 10:43 AM

Eve Branson has died on January 11, 2020 from COVID-19 aged 96. I met him once in 2011 in New Mexico while I was visiting Spaceport America. I remember her as an energetic and lovely lady. Richard Branson named the mothership to be VMS Eve after his mother.

Richard Branson's memoir about his mother.. -> Virgin


In the picture: VMS Eve and Eve Branson (picture Virgin Galactic)

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What happened in 2020 and what do I expect from the year 2021?

Thursday 12/31/20

Significant events in 2020 were:

Virgin Galactic

The VG meeting in London in February 2020 was a nice event. I met VG staff and other VG customers. In London, I saw my spacesuit, which I will get for myself after the flight. I also visited Virgin Galactica’s London office. Blogs.

Virgin Galactic made test flights from Spaceport America for the first time in May 2020 and a second in June 2020. That was a good thing.

The rocket cabin was introduced in July 2020. I will fly in style into space. Blogs.

In November 2020, I was virtually in space thanks to Virgin Galactica and I did a virtual spacewalk at an altitude of 100 km. Blogs.

Virgin Galactica had a plan to make a test flight into space later this year, but it did not happen. COVID-19 has made things more difficult in New Mexico.

Own projects

Rocket-Uno's tuning has continued. The latest version of Rocket-Uno has a total of 5 rockets: 3 on the roof and 2 in the front of the car. However, with this version of the Rocket-Uno I drive occasionally.
I've taken care of health. I cannot get myself in bad shape because the flight is now closer than ever.

What do I expect from 2021:

I am 95% sure that the VG finally makes its first commercial space flight in 2021. My turn to fly to space comes after one year of the first flight.

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The next test flight will happen soon

Friday 12/11/20 time 10:02 PM

The next test flight will happen very soon from New Mexico.

More info-> Virgin Galactic

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COVID-19 postpones the next spaceflight

Tuesday 11/17/20 time 8:50 AM

The state of New Mexico has introduced new restrictions due to COVID-19. The space flight will happen when it is safe. Yes, that flight will come a little later:)

For more information: ->

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The next space flight in 6-10 days

Friday 11/13/20 time 1:23 PM

Virgin Galactic will make its first spaceflight from Spaceport America in 6-10 days. That flight will certainly be followed by new flights to get Sir Richard Branson into space from early 2021. And my turn to go to the space is a year from Branson’s flight. Now I don't have to wait another 10 years!

More info-> Business Insider

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I was virtually in space!

Monday 11/2/20 time 12:20 PM

Virgin Galactic borrowed me a virtual reality series (VR) in October 2020. It was a very nice experience to see all the phases of my space flight. The best thing was when I was 100 miles high on my rocket. I was able to look out of all 17 windows, talk to my pilots (though they didn’t answer me) and be able to get out of the rocket without a spacesuit. This virtual space walk was a pretty scary experience. At an altitude of 100 kilometers, by the way, there are quite spectacular views!

In the linked video I am virtually in space. It’s hard to explain what VR is, you should try it yourself. VR is much better than various videos and pictures from space. Here is a link to the YouTube video-> youtube

In the picture I am in space.

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The next test flight is planned to happen in October

Sunday 9/20/20 time 7:21 PM

Virgin Galactic is planning to make the next test flight in October. If all goes well, then Sir Richard Branson himself will fly space in early 2021. I have been waiting for this years, now it is finally happening! My turn would be then in 2022.

Link -> cnbc news

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Welcome home SpaceX astronauts!

Sunday 8/2/20 time 10:08 PM

The SpaceX capsule landed as planned to the sea near Florida. In the capsule there were two NASA astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who were sent into space on May 30, 2020. So their trip lasted a little over 2 months. This flight was a success, so now the United States can send astronauts to the space with their own rocket. Elo Musk will probably have a small party due to this successful flight. It would be nice to be at those parties!

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Rocket cabin is ready

Tuesday 7/28/20 time 11:16 PM

Virgin Galactic did show today what my rocket looks like from the inside. The public presentation was held virtually via YouTube and there were 20,000 of us watching the live broadcast. After that, VG customers had their own 45-minute meeting where they were allowed to ask questions. VG has taken the wishes of the passengers into account in its plans, and SpaceShipTwo is probably the first spacecraft in which the wishes of customers have been the focus of interior design.

The rocket is really stylish inside, spacious and there are enough windows. The pilots have 5 windows and there are 12 more windows in the cabin. The windows in the cabin are about 2 times larger than the windows in ordinary planes and the you can hold window frames. There is more legroom than on the planes I usually fly. As a Finn, I appreciate that blue and white have been used in the interior. Flight information e.g. speed, altitude and remaining time are easily visible. The windows are easy to go to and the seats are really stylish. The seats can be changed to suit all sizes. There is no need for your own camera on the flight, as 16 cameras record the events of the flight. Some cameras can automatically take space selfies. We don't have a helmet on the flight. For communication, we get earbuds with which pilots and passengers can communicate.

The interior of the rocket did exceed my own expectations. If you want to look for something negative then there is no toilet and no taxfree on this flight.

Now the rocket is completely ready. I look forward to test flights continuing soon. Last time the test flight had three people, now VG could do a test flight with full cargo i.e. two pilots and six passengers.

Video YouTube


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New test flight done

Sunday 6/28/20 time 10:55 PM

Virgin Galactic made a test flight on June 25, 2020. It was a glide flight in which the rocket first rises in the stomach of the mother ship to 15 kilometers. There the rocket is dropped and the rocket glides back to Spaceport America. The test flight went well. The next test could be a test flight to the space.

Video-> Youtube

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American astronauts reached the International Space Station with their own rocket!

Sunday 5/31/20 time 11:04 PM

Today (31.05.2020) it happened! Two American astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, docked at the International Space Station (ISS) with an American rocket. They left yesterday (May 30, 2020) on the Elon Musk Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center. The first attempt was made on 27.05.2020, but it had to be canceled due to bad weather. This is a big thing for Americans because since 2011, they haven’t had their own rocket to send astronauts to the space. When I was in Florida in July 2019 visiting the Kennedy Space Center, Americans talked a lot of need to have their own rocket back. The rocket is from private company called SpaceX. Rocket name is Falcon 9.

The space flight has three particularly dangerous phases: departure, docking, and return. The first two steps have now been successful. American astronauts will return to Earth in 1-4 months. If the return is successful, then there will be a big party in the United States! They do not any longer need Russian rockets to get into space.

Video of the launch: Youtube

Video about docking: Youtube

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Virgin Galactic made a test flight from Spaceport America

Friday 5/1/20 time 9:23 PM

Today, Virgin Galactic made its first test flight from Spaceport America. This was a glide flight where a rocket was dropped from 50 000 feets and then the rocket returned to the airport. The rocket was piloted by Dave Mackay and CJ Sturckow. They might also be pilots on my flight. Dave is a nice guy, I met him last year at the Kennedy Space Center.

More information -> Virgin Galactic

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Virgin Galactic starts to sell spaceflights again

Wednesday 2/26/20 time 8:26 PM

On February 25, 2020, Virgin Galactic released a press release announcing that it will start to sell spaceflights again. Currently, 600 have booked the spaceflight. The final price will be announced later, but the final price can be $ 250,000 or more. The trip cost $ 200,000 from 2005 to 2013 and then $ 250,000. Following the 2014 accident, VG did not actively sell spaceflighs.

This is proof that VG is really close to start spaceflights! If VG makes one flight a week, it will take 2 years for the first 600 to enter space.

Further information:> Virgin Galactic

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The space suit and Virgin Galactic meeting

Saturday 2/22/20 time 8:05 PM

Virgin Galactic meeting and the space suit

Virgin Galactic hosts various meetings throughout the year. I flew on 19.02.2020 to London. At this meeting, our space suit was introduced. It was introduced by Tom Westray, who has been designing the suit. The suit consists of 150 parts. The suit has padding on the shoulders, a place for the flag, a place for the name, several pockets and other details. I spent the evening with 30 other Virgin Galactic customers and we were really happy with the suit. You get the suit after the flight.

Mars research

The meeting was held at the Desing Museum, which also had an exhibition on Mars exploration. There are many projects aimed at exploring or colonizing Mars. Elon Musk wants to make permanent housing on Mars. NASA plans to build a space station for exploration of Mars. It was amazing to see this exhibition. I recommend!

Virgin Galactic Office

Then the next day I went to the Virgin Galactic office in London. Virgin Galactic is in the same building with other Virgin companies. When I was at office, I thought that I would ask at the VG office one thing that I've been thinking about for 10 years. In 2010, two Finns bought a space trip a week and I was the second. In 2010 you were able to pay for part of the trip, where the start number is after persons who have paid the full price. I paid the full price in 2010, but I didn't know what the other Finn had paid. I got to know that I'm going to be the first Finn in space, which is nice thing.
Below are photos of the space suit and Mars exploration.


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My rocket, VSS Unity, flew to New Mexico

Saturday 2/15/20 time 8:20 PM

VSS Unity flew to Spaceport America on February 13, 2020. Now all the necessary equipment has been transferred to Spaceport America, where commercial space flights will begin in the near future. Virgin Galactica still needs to do some test flight before Sir Richard Branson goes into space.

More information-> Virgin Galactic

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Spaceport America is waiting Virgin Galactic to start space flights in 2020

Saturday 2/1/20 time 9:47 PM

Spaceport America, in New Mexico, is waiting for Virgin Galactic to start commercial space flights this year. According Albuquerque Journal Spaceport America is now making profit. It did cost $220 million. Virgin Galactic has been tenant since 2009, but VG has not done yet spaceflights from Spaceport America. I visited Spaceport America in 2011 and it is very impressive place.

More information:

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