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Tiia and EoghanGo Vesa!7/7/20 4:58 PM
Hi Vesa,

We saw you drive across the bridge in Pakila today and were fascinated by your car. We are two Aerospace students and space enthusiasts who have been captivated by your goals and would like to wish you the best in your mission. We will stay tuned to your facebook page to stay up to date :)

Hyvä Suomalainen Astronautti !

BenediktWhiskey a gogo10/3/13 11:39 AM
Hi Vesa!
This is Benedikt, the German guy from the concert at the Whiskey a gogo!
Nice webpage, really cool!
Take care,

TraficSite9/26/13 4:46 PM
Thanks for the information. Great site. I add this Post to my bookmarks.

MarcelHey Kosmonaut!12/18/12 8:02 AM
Hi Vesa,

Du bist ein verrückter Kerl! :-) Alles Gute für Dein großes Vorhaben.

Viele Grüße aus Dresden


Tim JohnstonHello there Astronaut9/30/12 10:09 PM
Hello Finnish astronaut! You are a brave guy. I'm happy to be able to follow your journey from these web pages. It takes a lot of courage to actually do something like this that most people just dream about. Like your fellow finn who writes I don't think that he will ever get anywhere. Mental institute maybe.

Good night and good luck!

Vesa HeilalaThese pages are opened7/6/11 5:53 PM
The guest book and English pages are opened. Enjoy!

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