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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »

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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »


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What happened in 2019 and what do I expect from the year 2020?

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Tuesday 12/31/19

The top events in 2019: 

Virgin Galactic 

In February, Virgin Galactic (VG) made another test flight to space. This time the flight reached 89.9 km and there were 3 astronauts in the rocket. I was expecting to hear about more test flights to space, but eventually there were no more.

VG staff and equipment moved from California to New Mexico near Spaceport America during the summer. VG is thus preparing for launching commercial flights. The transfer was completed in the summer to minimize inconveniences caused to the families involved.

In mid-October, VG introduced us the space suit that will be produced by Under Armour. The costume looks really great, and I may keep the costume for myself after the flight. At the end of October, VG was listed on the New York (NYSE) Stock Exchange.

All these actions aim at launching commercial space flights in 2020. My personal journey with expectations began in January 2010. It will not take long any more!

My own projects

Tuning Rocket-Uno has continued throughout the year. In the summer, Uno got a new three-rocket-rack on its roof. In the autumn, construction of the space communication center began. When the communication center will be completed in the spring 2020, Rocket-Uno version 4.0 will be released. I have plans up to the version 8.0. In the version 7.0, Uno will have an electric motor, and Uno version 8.0 will be sent to space to accompany Elon Musk's Tesla. Versions 5.0 and 6.0 are smaller projects, I will reveal more of them later.

My “Space Week” in Florida, summer 2019, was the result of long-term planning. During the week I participated in 12 different space events that culminated 16 July 2019 in the Apollo Gala held under the Saturn V rocket. I met several astronauts of the era during that week and ended up drinking beer with Al Worden, an Apollo 15 pilot. Stories are plenty from this week, and they will be remembered even when I’ll  sit in a rocking chair!

The Finnish Space Research Society turned 60 years. The milestone was celebrated in different ways throughout the year, the main event was a banquet on 5 October 2019.

Sports and fitness are in my mind all year round. I keep  myself in good shape and I am ready to go spaceflight anytime!


Expectations for the year 2020: 

I am 90% sure, that VG will finally make the first commercial space flight in 2020. And this flight will carry Richard Branson and five other people into space. It will be a remarkable occasion and I expect to get an invitation to celebrate the event.

I will continue with physical exercises and tuning Rocket-Uno – there  will be enough to keep me busy on my free time.

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