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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

BoxersBlack rocket boxers. In the front there a rocket logo and in the back text "RAKETTI"Read more »

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My own videos:

Driving Rocket-Uno in summer 2013, Iisalmi.

The Ice Bug Challenge, August 26th, Helsinki

From Youtube will get a lot of videos, search for 'Virgin Galactic'. 

Animation of a Virgin Galactic flight from launch to landing

The third powered flight September Jan 10th, 2014

The second powered flight September 5th, 2013

The first powered flight April 29th, 2013 (33 seconds, just the flight) (The flight + Mr Branson + California)

One glide flight 2011

The first glide flight 10.10.2010

September 2010 video.

Virgin Galactic White Knight 2 = the mothership is flying

One test flight

Spaceport America video

Elton John Rocket Man

Not so serious "the 8. man in the moon"