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I bought my ticket 10 years ago

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Tuesday 1/21/20

On January 21, 2010, Area announced that the second Finn had bought a trip to space. I was the buyer of the trip and I went public on 4/02/2010 on morning television. In 2010, I was supposed to fly into space 2013. I didn't fly, and at the moment it looks like I'm flying in 2021.

These 10 years have been full of fun and interesting events. If my trip had already happened in 2013, I would have missed many nice events. Below is a list of the most interesting events for me over a decade and some ideas for the future:

2010 my first appearance on television, interviews with various magazines and radio

2011 visit to Spaceport America, meeting with Richard Branson and other Virgin Galactic customers

2012 I did buy Rocket Uno and Virgin Galactic meeting in England

2013 visit to rocket factory in Mojave, Zero-G flight and centrifuge training for G-forces

2014 astronaut fitness school started and 100km walk in 22 hours

2015 Virgin Galactic Meeting in England

2016 Rocket Uno in two car shows (Helsinki and Lahti)

2017 Eukonkanto World Championships

2018 Rocket-Uno version 3

2019 Apollo 50th Anniversary Gala in Florida and Virgin Galactic Meeting

2020 Rocket-Uno version 4 will be ready by 01.05.2020 and Richard Branson will be 70 years old 18.07.2020 = Virgin Galactica's 1st Commercial Flight to Space?

2021 own flight to space

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