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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

The Finnish Astronaut (Suomalainen Astronautti) T- shirtFruit of The Loom Ringer t-shirt. Material is 100%`bomull. In the front is  theRead more »

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Rocket-Uno version 4

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Sunday 1/12/20 time 9:00 PM

I bought a new spare Uno, KUU-3, which will give parts to KUU-1. The plan is to build a transparent rocket to the right-side door. There will be two rockets in the front of the car and a Space Communication Center(SCC). SCC will be installed to the back of the car.

Version 4 should be ready by 01.05.2020. KUU-1 is coming to Stadin Crusing Pre-Partyyn 01.05.2020.

Some pictures:
Two Unos, KUU-3 and  KUU-1.
Two rockets to the front of the car.

Parts for the Space Communication Center (SCC).

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