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The Finnish Astronaut Hat

Finnish Astronaut HatBlue hat, one size. Made of acrylic. Text is SUOMALAINEN ASTRONAUTTI = FINNISH ASTRONAUTRead more »

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Virgin Galactic meeting at Kidlington

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Wednesday 7/1/15 time 10:18 PM

Our this year's gathering took place in England. This year, VG did not organize one big gathering, but smaller gatherings in 20 different countries. There was no gathering in Finland, so I traveled to England. The meeting was held at Branson 'barn' located in Kidlington. We were about 100 people, most of them were English.

It was nice once again meet friends, with whom I have kept in touch between these meetings. There was enough to drink and to eat as usually. VG's staff told the project situation. Another SpaceShipTwo is almost ready and the actual tests will begin shortly. The details of the last October accident VG could not yet talk. The official report will be published within a few months.

Like before, VG arranged for us a surprise. The surprise was the Spitfire from year 1944, whose flight we viewed by a pond with champagne. Not bad for a surprise!

Pictures from the event.

Vesa and Gisli Gislason. Gisli is from Iceland and we always have fun when we meet!

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