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100 km walk done

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Monday 10/27/14 time 1:28 PM

I started 25.10.2014 at 13.00 to walk 100 km. The event is called "Sysimusta Satku (=Very Dark 100 km Walk" and there were 54 walkers at start. The event is organized and it was held for the 13th time. 24 walkers completed the walk this year. I had walked in the last 2.5 months about 200 km, and at the same time I tested the functionality of the equipment. Eric Lehto had guided me walking and preparations. Without his guidance I would be unlikely to reach the finish line. Mental preparation was the most important thing of all, because 100 km walk was just insanely heavy physical performance. 
Walk to 50 km was physically quite easy and nearly all reached it. From 50 km to 80 km there was more aches and pains, and the last 20 km we went just pure perseverance. I was walking in a group of 4 and we all walked the 100 km for the first time! Teppo Pirttioja and Eerik had tried a few times and I and Niina Sallinen, we did it with our first try. Time was 21 hours and 50 minutes.
The atmosphere at the finish was indescribable and the picture below tells everything. All the pains and aches had been left to the 100 km walk. More photos are in the album "100 km walk." Distance to space is also 100 km. If someone would build a road into space, I now know that I could walk there! Documentary project were also filming the journey, and especially from 80 km to 100 km they filmed good material for the document.
More pictures: 100 km walk
Picture: After 100 km walk 26.10.2014

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