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Astronaut fitness programme is in progress

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Wednesday 9/10/14 time 10:50 PM

I started with Ville Inkilš guidance the Astronaut fitness programme in May. Before fitness programme I took a test in Pajulahti May 23th. There were an ergometer exercise test for me and some other tests. In May my weight was 82.5 kg, my BMI (body mass index) was 25.5 and the fat percentage was 20.7 %. All of these values should be reduced during the fitness programme.

Now I have been training three months under Ville’s guidance. I report to him of all of the exercises I have done. The most important workouts have been gymnasium, bicycling and walking. We have seen each other in couple of weeks. I train 3-5 times a week. After three months training I feel that middle and lower body muscles are strengthened. Astronauts do not use these muscles much in space and they will be weak. That's why they need to be strengthened.

In the fitness programme there are series of tests measurements. We had one field test in August and I got the following results: back squat 95 kg, bench press 90 kg and 10 times chin ups. The fitness programme goes on and I tell more about in in my blog.

I have enclosed an example of my gymnasium training in August. You can try it if you wantJ. Ride also with bicycle 80-90 minutes. Gymnaisum training.pdf

Ville’s comment after the tests in August

“Considering Vesa’s age and exercise background, these results are encouraging and I will be extremely interested to see the rate of progress when we measure again after these parameters after this on-going period. “


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